Herbal medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the medicine that uses elements of plants such as fruits, roots, leaves, or barks that contain many ingredients needed for health, beauty, and wellbeing.  DoNice chose to believe in herbal medicine for the formulation of its products.
Herbal Databse
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  YarrowFights menstrual cramps and abdominal spams, toning, hemostatic.. 

  Aïl (Bulbe) : Hypotensor, antiseptic   expectorant, antidiabetic, revulsive, vermifuge,   tonic, antispasmodic, diuretic

  Alchemille :    Regulation of menstrual flow

  Aloe Vera:Healing, cellular regeneration, cutaneous hydratation  , anti-inflammaty.

  Pinaepple:   facilitate the resorbtion of  cellulite

  Angelica: relieves bloating. 

  Artemisia: Toning , regulates bile duct, antispasmodic,emmenegogue, expels intestinal parasites.

  Artichoke : Elimination, detox, , anti inflation, anti cholesterol .

  Wooddruff:Diurretic, antiseptic, sedative, sédatif ,liniment,regulates bile duct.  

  Hawthorn : calming, relaxing,soothing 

  Avocado:Nourrishing, Anti - aging, protective, reparing  .

  Horehound : Sedative, choleretic, antispasmodic.



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