Inner Beauty

Bright complexion
With natural oils
For  radiant skin

18,00€ TTC


Anti Acne treatment
With plant extracts
Oily skin treatment

15,00€ TTC


Matt and colored complexion
With carrott oil
Healthy look effect

24,00€ TTC

Non available

PHYTO PURETE - Anti Acne PHYTO PURETE - Anti Acne (€15.00)
A compound of plant extracts known for their anti-bacterial and purifying properties. Enriched with vitamin B6, and zinc.
PHYTO TAN - Matt Colored Complexion PHYTO TAN - Matt Colored Complexion (€24.00)
Made with carrot oil that acts to enhance skin radiance, coloration, and vitality, protects the skin from sun damage and fight off signs of ageing.
PHYTO BEAUTE - Radiant Complexion PHYTO BEAUTE - Radiant Complexion (€18.00)
This exclusive formula is made with natural oils well known for their emollient properties. Helps to increase skin's elasticity, enhances the skin's natural radiance and gives a healthy youthful glow.

Dry and Dehydrated Skin
Combination Skin
Oily Skin
Dull Skin
Hyperpigmented Skin
Mature Skin

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