Trace elements

What are Trace Elements?

Trace elements are vitally important micronutrients in the body found in minute quantities that can only be detected by spectrographic methods or use of radioactive elements.

SELENIUM: It is a trace mineral that is essential to good health but required only in small amounts .It’s primary function in the human body is to work in conjunction with vitamin E in the preservation and elasticity of the tissues. It is also necessary in the slowing down of the process of   aging  by increasing endurance and improving the blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle . :  PHYTO JOUVENCE PHYTO PURETE  PHYTO CONTROL

ZINC: Zinc’s primary function in the human body is to manufacture proteins and nucleic acids (what is known as the “general” material cells are made of). Zinc is also essential in the role of over 100 enzymatic functions in the human body.:PHYTO HAIR 1 PHYTO PURETE:PHYTO HAIR 1 PHYTO PURETE



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