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Exfoliation encourages new cell growth and promote clear complexion.

To remove all those dead cells accumulated on the surface of your skin. It’s the dead skin cells that give aging skin tendency to develop a dull lifeless appearance. Exfoliation is an essential component of any anti-aging skin care regime in order to promote cell renewal and younger, healthier skin. It will soften the appearance of wrinkles and stimulate healthy cell renewal.

Why use the mask?

To lift away bacteria and impurities, to absorb excess oil and help reduce breakouts. DoNice facial mask serves a variety of different functions: cleansing, absorbing oil, hydrating, moisturizing the skin and   replenishing dull skin.


Weekly cares are the one of the step in your skincare program that requires only 10 to 15 minutes one or twice a week. DoNice weekly cares have been formulated for all skin types.


UP ECLAT Exfoliating and Clarifying Care

BI – ACTION Cleansing and Purifying Mask


How to exfoliate:

On a cleansed skin, apply a thin layer of UP ECLAT.Avoid contact with eyeslids and the area around the eyes.Rub off with fingertips circular motions.remove with cotton pad moistened with your DoNice toner.

How to apply the mask:

As Face Mask, Once or twice a week, applies in thin layer on a cleansed skin. Let it act 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse with water and continue with your DoNice products.

 As Cleansing Care, apply daily on humid face by insistent on the T-zone. Rinse with water and continue with your DoNice products.

Cleanser and Toner

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