PHYTO CONFORT 2- Joints Pain €17.00

PHYTO CONFORT 2- Joints Pain

PHYTO CONFORT 2- Joints Pain €17.00


This beverage is formulated with organic silicon well known for its ability to facilitate joint flexibility. PHYTO CONFORT 2 is enriched with essential mandarin oil to strenghten bones and supple and strenghthen joints. 

Ingredients: Silanetriol citrate of potassium, benzoate of sodium, sorbate of potassium, essential oil of Mandarin.

Packaging: Bottle of  de 500 ml. -


Weight:510 gr

Beauty Advice: Oral way, take 15 ml (with measuring glass) 3 times a day (20 mn before each meal). Treatment advised for 4 weeks, renewable if necessary.  Avoid contact with eyes.

PHYTO CONFORT 2 is a dietary supplement not a medication and must be taken as part of a balanced diet. Dot not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young  children .

 Made in France

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