PHYTO CONFORT - Bloated Stomach Relief €12.00

PHYTO CONFORT - Bloated Stomach Relief

PHYTO CONFORT - Bloated Stomach Relief €12.00


A compound of natural plant extracts formulated to relieve stomach bloating.recommended for women who experience stomach bloating during menstration.Enriched with coal and bluberry, PHYTO CONFORT helps to improve digestion as well as sooth digestive disorders suc as bloating, flatulence, pain and intestinal spasms.  
DoNice also recommends drinking plenty of water between meals.

Ingredients:  Vegetal coal, Blueberry

Number of Capsules per box : 90


Weight : 30.69 gr

Beauty advice:  Take 2 to 3 capsules morning, midday,and evening with a full glass of water. Drink between meals as well.

Daily dose (6 caps.) :Coal : 1140 mg ; Blueberry : 300 mg.

Ingredients :Vegetal coal : 190 mg, extract of blueberry berries (Vaccinium myrtillus) : 50 mg. Excipients. Coating : gelatine.

Made in France


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