PHYTO VITALITE - Skin, Hair, and Nail €15.00

PHYTO VITALITE - Skin, Hair, and Nail

PHYTO VITALITE - Skin, Hair, and Nail €15.00

Skin, hair and nails

Made from 100% brewer  yeast, this product is enriched with vitamins and amino acids. PHYTO VITALITE has the capacity to enhance hair, skin and nails while strenghtening their general conditions.  Recommended for women with dry or dull skin, women prone to acne, weak, tired nails, women suffering from fatigue following childbirth and women who are stressed, overworked or experiencing menstrual pain.

Ingredients: 100% Natural yeast based formula

Number of Capsules per box : 90 -

Ref. 6297 - Weight : 37.7 gr 

Beauty routine:Take 2 capsules with a glass of water at each meal (or 6 per day).

Made in France

CAUTION: This product is not intended for women who are nursing or pregnant or children. Persons undergoing medical treatment must consult their doctor.

PHYTO VITALITE is a dietary supplement,not a medication and must be taken as part of a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. 



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Weight Loss

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