POLISH MINCEUR - Slimming scrub €0.00

POLISH MINCEUR - Slimming scrub €0.00

This body scrub contains an association of natural scrubbing agents with an oily phase made of green tea(Matcha) oily extract (23%) and pure argan oil. Deeply detoxifying, green tea makes POLISH MINCEUR a perfect prelude to a slimming and anti-ageing bodycare. As the greenest and the most prestigious green teas, matcha lends its unique colour to the product.

Ingredients: Green tea extract, Coconut oil ,Argan oil,Sugar

Green tea: The green tea leaves contains theanine known for its lipolytic effects while draining toxins out of tissues. It also contains flavonoids with high antioxidant activity. While neutralizing free radicals, these polyphenols give the green tea powerful anti-ageing properties, that is found only in selected green tea young leaves as Matcha. Argan & coconut oils are both precious because of their nourishing & protective effects.

Packaging: Jar of  250 ml 

Réf. :

Beauty advice: Use POLISH MINCEUR  on dry skin to  obtain an optimal exfoliating effect; for a massage, it can also be used on slightly wet skin.


Made in France






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